Game of elements on paper with graphic design
Zdenka Holas is a designer from Switzerland, but she was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Her art is emo-tional and has a special power. It creates an environment of attraction, where no one can escape, there is nolimit to your imagination. Think, feel and enjoy, get trapped.There is one main point in all her work, human being itself. With the creativity, the feelings, the hapiness andsadness, the colors, her paintings give and take most of the attention. They are not simple expressions, butthey give back what you can see in your imagination, sometimes very deep inside with all your sorrows orhappiness, watch it from distance or very neer, get out what you can see, guide yourself into a world of dre-ams and imagination.
Create emotions
Zdenka Holas – since 1963 she is living in Switzerland – has studied art and graphic design at the academyin Prague. Since then she lives for her passion. Even when she uses computers to get to her modern art, allthe creations are still handmade. Her paintings have a special technic, a mix of computer design and handpainting- Life is an art, thats what is visible.
There is no limit to the work of Zdenka Holas, there is nothing which can’t be expressed, the whole life is fullof emotions. So all the possibilities can be taken into consideration. Get a little bit inside, have a few minutesto focus your thoughts on a particular painting and find out what you feel. This will be a unique experience,because you will be forced to have an opinion. Either you are taken away or you feel misunderstanding anddislike, something in between is not possible. But when you feel a certain attraction, you should let you go andget out all your feelings and thoughts, there are no limits. In her art and design, Zdenka uses all different kind of materials. Art on tiles for instance, are unique, thereis no second one, there is no commercial production, so you can be sure to have a unique piece, when youhave it in your bathroom for example. Also all the paintings are unique. Enjoy and have the pleasure andknowledge to value such a masterpiece. Art has to be lively, that in mind gives Zdenka the motivation to crea-te and work. The game with all the elements and possible technics, gives such a powerful tool, to have such acreativity.